Born and raised behind Foundation’s high walls, Pascalle Dubois was originally trained as a Knight of Ishgard.
Growing up before the Calamity, and fighting in the Dragonsong War, the noble Elezen has seen more than his fair share of tragedy.

Perhaps that’s what stoked his desire to flee the snow-capped highlands of Coerthas and see the rest of the world?
Needless to say, no matter where he’s travelled; Gridania, Ul’dah, Limsa Lominsa, and now Kugane.
Paz has always been ready to defend the innocent, and fight injustice, wherever he comes across it.

The noble swordsman has picked up more than a few skills on his travels. His time in Ul’dah saw him learning the ways of a Free Paladin under the Sultansworn. He also has a great love for fishing; and partaking in his catch.

Naturally affable and easy to talk to, Paz would make an excellent information broker. If his morals would allow for it. It’s not uncommon to find him in a tavern common room, listening to the gossip and trading in stories with other adventurers.

But you’re most likely to find Paz if you have a problem. He actively spends his time looking to help those in need.


Basic Information
Race: Elezen
Age: Early-Thirties
Place of Birth: Foundation, Ishgard
Date of Birth: 18th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon
Gender: Male
Height: 207cm
Home: Eastern Shirogane Subdivision: Ward 5 – Plot 59

The only Ishgardian that Paz has much time for these days is also his favourite person in all of Eorzea, and Othard too. (Even though he hasn’t seen that much of it yet.) Nasrinne, better known as Nas, could probably be described as his love interest. It probably wouldn’t be entirely incorrect to assume they sort of eloped? But aside from that, her quick wit, sharp eyes and skill with the bow have saved his bacon many times. If there’s one person Paz always has time for, it’s Nasrinne.

Stone Cold City
Pascalle is the only son born of two children in a noble house. As such the future hopes and dreams of house Dubois rested on Pascalle’s shoulders, he was pushed into training (combat and etiquette) and was sent as a ward to House Haillenarte at the age of eight – Pascale wanted nothing but to live up to his father and mother's expectations of him. As time went on he held aspirations of becoming a full-fledged Temple Knight.

Eventually living in the city he grew to loath it. A combination of the overbearing and restrictive nature of the religious environment, the pretentiousness of his family and the general un-welcomeness he felt in the city outside of his own peer group, he sought company in one Nasrinne Filios. With her help they managed to leave Ishgard and begin their journey. Though trouble was brewing on the horizon for the duo.


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Casual Hooks Hooks that don't delve too deep into backstory

Got a problem? Call Paz!
Did you need some hired muscle? Want someone to stand over that Miqo’te who’s been calling you names? Some boxes that are too heavy for you to lift? Hunting a large or dangerous beast? Maybe you just need help handing out your grandma’s homemade biscuits? Paz is your guy! There’s no problem too big, or too small.

Tactics and Training
Paz is well known for being an amiable sort of fellow. He’s usually more than happy to chat about anything. But if you’re interested in how to swing a sword, (or sling a shield straight into someone’s head), he’ll happily offer you a lesson.

Backstory Driven Hooks for PC's who've gotten to know Paz

Pulling Heartstrings
If you've spent a decent chunk of time around Paz, you’ve probably met his close friend, Naz. Which means you’ve probably accidentally heard her call him Pascalle. For most who know them, they’re simply two friends who met in Ishgard and decided to see the world. But those who get close might hear Paz mention his old friend and mentor, (and Nasrinne’s older brother) Jhulayne. Although it isn’t a subject he dives into too deeply.

You could also always ask him about Naz. The two seem to have known each other for quite a while. (He’s got just as many amusing anecdotes to share, plus if you’re lucky, he’ll warn you about her mean right hook.)

You can read more about Nasrinne here.

Long Term Roleplay Hooks for PC's wanting to get involved with more long term plots involving Paz and his friends

Escape from Ishgard
Paz is always saying he not exactly welcome in Ishgard. But, why exactly is that? Do you want to know? Do you want to play a character from Pascalle’s past? You can drop me a line about long term plot hooks below!

Your Hooks! Got a roleplay idea in mind?

Adventures or Shenanigans
I am a firm believer that we can weave a story out of any circumstances.


Pascalle lives on the Malboro server, though I am happy to go anywhere in the Crystal data center.

I live in Australia (Perth GMT +8) though i'm happy to roleplay any time (Really! Any time!)

If you'd like to get in touch about any roleplay, casual, long-term or perhaps trouble from Paz's past, feel free to send me a tell or mail in game. My handle is; Pascalle Dubois

My preferred method of roleplay is in-game.

I do have Discord, feel free to contact me via email below if Pascalle is of any interest to you and we can tee up a chat!

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